Cameron has annoyed many Africans

David Cameron’s remarks at the Commonwealth that Britain will withhold  aid to countries that do not legalize gay rights have riled Malawi’s influential churches describing the country’s former colonial master as undemocratic

The southern African nation last year hit global headlines when it arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison a gay couple for holding a traditional engagement.

President Mutharika, facing mounting pressure from gay rights activists both local and international, released them from the maximum prison hours after meeting UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon.
“In all fairness, we do not believe that poor nations should be forced to swallow bitter pills which will make their stomachs seriously upset. We call upon UK government to prioritise governance issues other than this issue which we feel is not a priority in our view,” said Malawi Council of Churches (MCC)  chairperson Bishop Dr. Joseph Bvumbwe said during a news conference.