South Africa – what is the state doing amid the xenophobic violence

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Although the latest outbursts revolve around xenophobia, the state needs to put a stop to all violence in South Africa.

A Somali man who burned to death when his shop was torched is buried last year in Athlone, Cape Town. (David Harrison, M&G)


From the varied reactions of politicians to the xenophobic violence to the response of the South African Police Service (SAPS) on the ground, the state’s response to the violence is being increasingly scrutinised.

A heavy police presence characterised the streets of Durban and Johannesburg this week as xenophobic attacks – and the fear of xenophobic attacks – spread.

Durban’s CBD appeared quieter on Wednesday, according to reports, but attacks had spread to Pietermaritzburg. About 800 police were deployed in Durban.

In Johannesburg, many shops were closed on Wednesday and police raids conducted amid fears – later proven to be largely unfounded – that foreigners would…

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