Zimbabwe – the sale of young elephants to Chinese zoos

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Zimbabwe’s baby elephants getting sold to China zoos: activists

Animals are getting stolen from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, and are ending up in China’s zoos according to The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force.

The group says that they first highlighted this issue when they encountered an Australian and Zimbabwean looking to earmark elephants in Hwange for Chinese zoos.

Now they claim that tourists are witnessing blatant live captures of baby elephants. They are then taken to  Mtshibi Capture Unit about 7 kilometres from Hwange’s Main Camp.

“So far 34 baby elephants between the ages of 2 ½  and 5 years old, 7 lions and about 10 sable antelope have been rounded up for shipping but investigators were not allowed to get close enough to the compound to photograph as security there has become extremely tight,” the group claims in a media statement.

These are then trucked to Maputo in…

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