IMF’s Ebola-friendly Reforms

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By Tom Somerville

London Calling, Ο κοσμος




The underlying narrative of much of the reporting and response of large parts of the international community to the outbreak of Ebola, has been that this is an ‘African crisis’. Indeed the re-release of the Band Aid song and Bob Geldof’’s intervention has been rightly criticised by many for recycling this interpretation. That, in some-way or another, African states have brought this on themselves and therefore the primary responsibility for fighting the disease and any shortcomings in doing so, lies with those African states. The pitifully slow reaction in terms of funding, manpower and skills provided to the fight suggests a collective shrugging of the shoulders from the international community along the lines of ‘not our problem’. Here we should be careful to not just lay the blame at the door of the traditional Western superpowers; China (whose response to internal disasters…

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