Nelson Mandela: The evolution of a freedom fighter

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  • Raymond Suttner   10 Dec 2013 02:41 (South Africa)

“I was not born with a hunger to be free,” Nelson Mandela writes in his autobiography. He immediately explains, “I was born free – free in every way that I could know. Free to run in the fields near my mother’s hut, free to swim in the clear stream that ran through my village, free to roast mealies under the stars and ride the broad backs of slow-moving bulls. As long as I obeyed my father and abided by the customs of my tribe, I was not troubled by the laws of man or God.” By RAYMOND SUTTNER.

This is part of his reflection and frank assessment of how his life unfolded. Like all of us, Mandela was free in every way that was within his imagination or visible in the world he inhabited. And he immediately describes the…

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