#Malawi: Sacked Justice Minister Arrested for Attempted Murder

By Mabvuto Banda

Ralph Kasambara, sacked last month from cabinet as Justice Minister, has been arrested for attempted murder.
“He was arrested early this morning [Friday] after a search for him yesterday,” Justice Minister Fahad Assani said.
Kasambara was dropped as Justice Minister early this month and an arrest warrant was issued immediately in-connection with the attempted murder of Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo.
Mphwiyo was shot three times and left for dead as he drove into his home in Lilongwe.
He is currently recovering in South Africa where he is under tight security at some undisclosed house.
Mphwiyo is expected back into Malawi next month to explain what really happened and testify against Kasambara
According to sources, police have locked in two state witnesses against Kasambara.
The allegations of corruption and the shooting of Mphwiyo have been a setback for President Joyce Banda, who has been on a drive to restore donor confidence in one of Africa’s poorest nations.
Banda, who faces an election next year, has won acclaim in the West for austerity measures and moves to bolster the economy of the aid-dependent Malawi.
But the current financial crisis have eroded donor confidence and yesterday, the Common Approach for Budget announced that they are delaying budget support until government sorts out the mess.
The donor decision now threatens her re-election next.