#Malawi police search the homes of sacked jutsice minister

Malawi police have searched the homes of sacked Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara, officials close the investigations have said but could not disclose why and what they have found.
“We have searched Mr Kasambara’s Area 10 Lilongwe residence which he was using when he was Minister and police are currently searching his Nyabandwe residence in Blantyre,” said one of the police officers that asked for anonymity.
Kasambara was dropped as Justice Minister early this month and an arrest warrant was issued immediately in-connection with the attempted murder of Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo. Mphwiyo was shot three times and left for dead as he drove into his home. He is recovering in South Africa where he is under tight security at some undisclosed house. He is expected back into Malawi next month to explain what really happened.
Its over 4 weeks since the warrant was issued by the Lilongwe magistrate court and Kasambara has not been arrested yet. When asked why no arrest has been effected despite a warrant of arrest on him, Minister of Justice Fahad Assani said he will not spare anyone found to have played a part in the shooting of Mphwiyo. He didn’t elaborate.
The allegations of corruption and the shooting of Mphwiyo have been a setback for President Joyce Banda, who has been on a drive to restore donor confidence in one of Africa’s poorest nations.
Banda, who faces an election next year, has won acclaim in the West for austerity measures and moves to bolster the economy of the aid-dependent Malawi.
But the current financial crisis and steps such as an IMF-backed devaluation of the kwacha currency now threaten her re-election next year.
Devaluation of the local currency has stoked inflation, raised the price of food for the rural poor and eroded Banda’s domestic support. The financial crisis, now being called “cash-gate” has seen over K90 billion in public funds looted in the last six years.
Private companies were used in dubious payments at Ministry of Tourism were K4.6 billion was siphoned. The same companies are again named at the Ministry of local Government where over a billion kwacha was taken out between April and September this year.
New details emerging show that within six months a total of K1.7 billion was disbursed and out of that K1.4 billion [K1,481,039,350.65] was found to have been lost at the ministry.