DRC army seizes M23 base in Eastern Congo

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DR Congo army ‘seizes’ Bunagana base from M23 rebels

Congolese soldiers arrive on a truck at Rumangabo military base, formerly held by M23 rebels, north of Goma, on 28 October 2013
The military has recaptured a string of towns since the weekend

Government forces in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have captured Bunagana town, the main base of the M23 rebel group, residents say.

The troops entered the town on the Ugandan border in large numbers as the rebels fled, residents told the BBC.

M23 political leader Bertrand Bisimwa was earlier reported to have crossed the border into Uganda as Congolese troops advanced on his base.

The M23 launched a rebellion in eastern DR Congo in April 2012.

It is made up of army deserters who say they are fighting for the rights of the minority Tutsi ethnic group.

At least 800,000 people have been left homeless since the conflict started.

About 10,000 people fled to Uganda this week, with about half of them arriving on Wednesday, said Lucy Beck, a…

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