Zuma tells South African businesses to seize opportunities (and not complain about Chinese)

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Zuma to business: Seize Africa, settle with labour

10 Oct 2013

The president says SA businesses cannot complain about “people from far away” investing in Africa if they don’t take the opportunities themselves.
President Jacob Zuma. (AFP)                    
President Jacob Zuma. (AFP)

President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday urged business leaders to seize opportunities in Africa before “people from far away” do so – and to settle wage talks swiftly and get the economy running at full steam again.

It was a week in which Zuma, as ANC president, ignited a furore by quoting scripture to say South Africans should respect their leaders. It was a week in which BMW said it scrapped potential expansion of its manufacturing facilities.  It was the very day the Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed what could well be the final legal challenge against urban freeway tolling. But when the president spoke to business leaders on…

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