Nigerian refugees in Niger and other states face tough conditions

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International Committee of the Red Cross


Armed violence in north-eastern Nigeria is still causing displacement towards Niger, Cameroon and Chad. The ICRC and the Red Cross Society of Niger are providing emergency aid for thousands of people in the Diffa area.

“Everyday life is a struggle for these people. Many of them, including the women and children, had to flee in a great hurry and are completely destitute,” said Pascal Porchet, deputy head of the ICRC delegation in Niger. “Most have found refuge with host families. To meet their basic needs, they depend on the willingness of the community to help, and on aid from humanitarian organizations.”

Since May of this year, several thousand people have fled danger and violence in the states of Borno and Yobe, in Nigeria, to take refuge in the Diffa area, in Niger, some 1,300 kilometres from the capital Niamey, or in Cameroon or…

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