Untangling China’s aid to Africa

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Chinese-owned shop in Kigali, Rwanda


  • A long history of aid and cooperation between China and Africa
  • Questions about China’s non-interference principle remain
  • Experts predict a slow reform of China’s aid policies

NAIROBI, 17 September 2013 (IRIN) – This year, the two most powerful men on the globe, presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping, both embarked on Africa tours, pledging to increase aid and investment and work with the continent to improve development.
While this was Barack Obama’s first extended tour of Africa since taking office (he made a one-day stop in 2009 in Ghana), Chinese leaders have been visiting the continent regularly for decades, quietly working on joint development, trade, foreign direct investment and assistance projects.
“China is the largest developing country in the world, and Africa is the continent with the largest number of developing countries,” Jiang Zemin, then-president of China, said in…

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