GIBE III – a blessing or curse for people of southern Ethiopia?

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The Standard

Fishermen dry their catch along the shores of Lake Turkana. But livelihoods of the Daasanach, Bodi, Kara, Kwegu, Mursi, Turkana and Nyangatom tribes expect to be disrupted.  [PHOTOS: Osinde Obare/STANDARD]

By Osinde Obare

For decades, cattle have been a source of pride, wealth and food, and are intimately tied to the cultural identity of the eight ethnic groups in Ethiopia’s South Omo Valley.

The annual flooding of the Omo River dictates the rhythms of life and culture that permeate the area.

But with the coming of the Gibe III Dam, the livelihoods of the indigenous people of the Omorate in Southern Nations is at risk.

“There is no more singing and dancing along the Omo River. The people are too hungry. The children are quiet. If the Omo River floods are gone, we will die,’’ Itailu Reeyot told The Standard on Sunday at the…

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