Zimbabwe protests at “pirate” TV based in S Africa

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19 July 2013
Zimbabwe to protest to South Africa over ‘pirate’ 1st TV

Robert Mugabe has been busy campaigning around the country

Zimbabwe’s government says it will protest to South Africa over a “pirate” TV station which is to be based there ahead of this month’s elections.

1st TV is due to be launched later on Friday and will be broadcast into Zimbabwe by satellite.

Zimbabwe’s state-run TV, which has a domestic monopoly, is widely seen as being biased in favour of President Robert Mugabe.

1st TV’s head used to work closely with Mr Mugabe’s rival, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mr Tsvangirai has been prime minister in a coalition government with Mr Mugabe since 2009 but key reforms of sectors such as the media and security forces have not been implemented ahead of the elections.

We will be taking decisions mindful of the need to cripple this pirate television broadcast station”

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