Zimbabwe – Mugabe keeps election rallies short as memory loss and age show

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Mail and Guardian

Insiders say an official order to reduce President Robert Mugabe’s rally times is due to concerns for his health.

Zanu-PF’s commissariat department has cut briefings by provincial leaders and ordered that introductions at President Robert Mugabe’s campaign rallies be no longer than 10 minutes, a move insiders say is meant to reduce the time Mugabe spends at rallies because of concerns for his health.

Party insiders told the Mail & Guardian that the move is meant to ensure that Mugabe (89) spends as little time as possible at rallies.

According to a circular issued on July 9 to all Zanu-PF provincial chairs, a copy of which the M&G obtained, the commissariat department told provincial chairs to send written briefings to Mugabe before he gets to their provinces.

Before addressing rallies, Mugabe normally meets provincial and traditional leaders to get briefings on political, social and economic developments in…

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