South Africa – tone of Mandela health reports now positive

Wishing Madiba good health

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After communication from Graça Machel and Nelson Mandela’s children, the focus seems to have shifted to his discharge from hospital this week.

Former president Nelson Mandela. (James Oatway, Gallo)
Former president Nelson Mandela. (James Oatway, Gallo)

There were fewer journalists stationed the hospital on Monday night as some foreign outlets, especially from non-English-speaking countries, scaled down their presence or abandoned the watch entirely.

Remaining crews said the continuing lack of real news on Mandela’s health, after a hospital stay of a week and a half for a recurring lung infection, reduced interest in updates from the countries they serve.

But cameras remained poised outside both the hospital and Mandela’s home in Houghton, some connected to constant satellite links, to enable television stations to switch to their…

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