Poor Tanzanians miss out in resource rush

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Poor Tanzanians left out of resource rush

Frustration over a lack of benefits from gas extraction sparked riots in May – and a heavy-handed government response.

Thembi Mutch                            Last Modified: 17 Jun 2013 12:45

Oil tankers are a frequent sight in Mikindani, an impoverished port in southern Tanzania [Thembi Mutch/IPS]
Mikindani, Tanzania – Fisherman Salim Riziki stands next to a set of turbines, newly imported from Dubai, talking about the major gas finds on nearby Songo Songo island – and whether it will someday benefit his community.

Whirring sounds and lights from the turbines are in stark contrast to the mud and thatch houses and the few corrugated iron shacks in this southern village of Mikindani in Kilwa district.

It is dusk. There are no cars on the road, and only the occasional labourer walks by carrying a hoe, as the villagers make their way home. The…

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