S Africa ready to fund “credible” Zimbabwe election

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By Jonisayi Maromo, 14 May 2013

Photo:                   IRIN
                  Voting in Zimbabwe

Pretoria — South Africa will provide financial assistance to cash-strapped Zimbabwe to hold elections, International Relations Deputy Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim said on Tuesday.

It was the responsibility of not only South Africa, but the Southern Africa Development Community to ensure free elections were held in Zimbabwe, Ebrahim told reporters in Pretoria.

“There is the question of Zimbabwe having enough funding to hold a successful election. If South Africa is requested to assist in whatever way, we will definitely assist,” he said.

“[We will assist] either through funding part of the election or through some logistical assistance. It is in our interest and [that of] the region to see a free and fair election taking place.”

Last week, Zimbabwe’s lower house of Parliament approved a draft constitution which was endorsed in a March referendum, paving the way for…

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