Zimbabwe – attack on MDC politician during referendum campaigning

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Zimbabwe MDC politician Sten Zvorwadza beaten in Mbare

An MDC referendum poster in Harare, calling for a "yes" vote
The referendum campaign is raising political tensions


A Zimbabwean politician has been attacked in the capital, Harare, during the last day of campaigning before a referendum on a new constitution.

Sten Zvorwadza, who hopes to become the next Movement for Democratic Change MP for the city’s Mbare suburb, was punched as he tried to put up posters.

He escaped uninjured and says the youths were almost certainly Zanu-PF supporters of President Robert Mugabe.

Both Zanu-PF and MDC are campaigning for a “yes” vote in the referendum.

But the referendum campaign has been raising political tensions ahead of an election expected later in the year.

The parties have been in a coalition government for the last four years following a disputed vote in 2008 marred by violence.

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