John Tembo Prepares to Step Down this Year

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) – the country’s oldest party-is set to announce care takers of the party ahead of the party conference later this year.

The caretakers will take over from party strongman John Tembo who intends to step down and pave way for new leadership as the party prepares to contest in the 2014 elections.

Senior members of the party politburo say former Speaker of the National Assembly Louis Chimango is most likely to take over with current chief Justice Lovemore Munlo as his deputy.

Both Chimango and Munlo are lawyers by profession. Munlo has already pushed in an early retirement notice to prepare for his political career.

Other names being considered are PCL Ceo Mathews Chikaonda and Dr Lazarous Chakwera, a senior pastor with Assemblies of God.

Many believe that Tembo, fondly known as JZU, has stirred the party into oblivion because he has failed to make the party relevant to today’s electorate.

But the MCP remains the most organized party with strong grass root support especially in the central province.