How to Enjoy Safari Holidays in Malawi

Going for a Safari at Liwonde National Park

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You’re getting a little bit tire of your yearly family trip to the same location, and you want to change it up a bit this year. Instead of going for something that’s humdrum, consider a safari in Malawi. How can you make the most of this wonderful experience?

Find a Reputable Company
You always want to work with reputable companies, and this is even more true when you’re going to be heading out into the great expanses of natural land for several days and nights at a time.

One such company is Eyes on Africa Travel and Safaris. Whether you go with this establishment, check out the Better Business Bureau reviews to ensure that the company is safe. You should also try to talk to people who went on a safari with the specific company already to find out what their experiences were like. Call up the company, and ask questions about what to expect when you embark on this adventure.

Follow Safety Advice
While safaris provide beautiful, once in a lifetime experiences, you are also going to be extremely close the wildlife of the area. Guides will likely provide you with rules to promote the utmost safety on your trip. Be sure to listen to all of them. You do not want your fun family vacation to turn into a devastating tragedy.

Customized vs. Scheduled
You also need to pick out what type of safari you’d like to go on. Options are quite varied and include trips ranging from two days to two weeks, more rustic camping experiences to lodges and activities from cycling to hiking. These packaged tours have specific dates on which they leave, and they have listed prices. If you’ve already been on a couple of safaris or you feel that you know enough to create your own, the company can work with you to craft a schedule that fulfills all of your dreams. Is your budget a bit strapped this trip? Don’t worry. Groups have safaris that can fit a whole range of budgets.

Personal Belongings
Before you embark on a safari, be sure to check that your luggage meets the requirements. For example, some safaris allow you to bring only a certain weight of items with you, and these items must be contained in a specific type of bag. If you don’t follow the restrictions, you’ll likely have to pay a hefty sum for any additional items. Whatever you do, don’t forget to make sure that your camera is in the bag! You’re going to have so many photography opportunities, and you want to capture these moments to put in a scrapbook or family photo album.

Going on safari is not just a distant dream. You can make it a possibility when you travel to the beautiful lands of Malawi. With all of the wonderful sights, it’s very likely that the trip will be absolutely perfect. Just be certain to follow all of the guidelines and look for a company that can provide the perfect trip for you and

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