Malawi police arrest National Assembly boss

Police on Tuesday morning summoned the Clerk of Parliament Matilda Katopola and questioned her on a 2008 case in which she was accused of mis-procurement.

She was later charged and released on bail.

“It’s true that she was arrested this morning and questioned for some hours but I don’t have the details,” police spokesman Dave Chingwalu said 

Police kept her arrest under a tight lead refusing to disclose the details. Director of Criminal Investigations Lexa Chalera could not answer her mobile phone. She later switched it off.

The Inspector General of Police Lot Dzonzi also confirmed the arrest but said he was still waiting for more details.

The Parliamentary Service Commission and the National Audit Office had investigated Katopola and cleared her after they found that mis-procurement involved K86,997 only.

“Why arrest Katopola for a case that was concluded in 2008 and for only K86,000 when we have Muli and other people that stole billions still roaming the streets freely?” wondered George Phiri, a July 20 activist.