Sec 65: Malawi MPs dash back to former Mutharika’s DPP

To many Malawians, legislators are just a bunch of untrustworthy law makers preoccupied with making money at the expense of the poor.

Many believe that most legislators only care about their wellbeing and not about the people they swore to represent come rain, come sunshine.

This week that belief rang true when some of the legislators who had left the former ruling party of DPP after the sudden death of president Mutharika and joined President Joyce Banda’s party, announced they have gone back to their original party.

They did this to beat the seven day deadline the Speaker of the National Assembly gave them before he could revoke the dreaded Section 65.

Section 65 is the controversial law that stops any MP from joining another party represented in parliament or outside, other than the one that sponsored their candidature.

They feared the Speaker could declare their seats vacant for crossing the floor-joining another party.

According to the letter signed by the former ruling party  DPP Leader in the House George  Chaponda the MPs that rejoined the party are: Ntchisi north’s Herbert Bimphi, Lilongwe North west’s Fredrick Kamwangala and Ntchisi north east’s Geoffrey Mbuzi.

Another MP George Namatumbo for Chiradzulu west wrote the Speaker on
his own informing him that he has rejoined his former party.

Chimunthu Banda said in the letter Chaponda has asked him to reallocate seats for the three in the opposition benches and the same request is contained in Namatumbo’s letter.

The four brings the number of MPs who have rejoined the DPP from the
government side to five after Kasungu West’s Otiria Moyo Jere also
wrote the Speaker last week on Thursday.

Last week two more MPs Chitipa Wenya’s Godfrey Mudulansi
Mukhondya and Mzimba Luwerezi’s Dr Bofomo Nyirenda also wrote the
Speaker only to withdraw their request saying they have decided to
remain on the government side.

In an interview outside Parliament Chaponda said the development means
that there are still 41 MPs who the Section 65 petition is still

This kind of flip flopping by the legislators has angered many electorates who say their representatives are taking them for granted.

“How can an MP change his party twice within a month? This shows they don’t care about us, they are greedy and have forgotten who out them there,” said 42 year old Saudi Phiri