Malawi Army Commander welcomes al-Bashir when he visited Malawi for a trade summit last year
Malawi activists have backed the decision by President Joyce Banda’s administration last week  to cancel  the AU summit over the Omar al-Bashir row.

The activists comprising eight human rights groups and several other
supporting groups working in Africa said Malawi’s stand shows that the
country sides with Darfur victims where  al-Bashir is accused of slaughtering over 300,000 people 

He is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC)  for those killings. He denies the charges.

“Malawi government showed strong support for victims of international
crimes by deciding not to be the host of the AU summit if President al-Bashir of Sudan is allowed to attend,” reads the statement which one of the signatories is the Malawi Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR).

The AU  last week made it conditional for Malawi to host the summit. The grouping demanded that Banda should allow  al-Bashir to come to Lilongwe or the summit would be moved to Addis Ababa.

 “But President Joyce Banda took a strong stance in support of justice despite tough pressure from the African Union.”

The AU is set to formally announce their decision today.

“What Malawi has done is to pre-empty the AU decision,” one of the diplomats in Lilongwe.