DPP defends Bingu’s alleged nepotism

Malawi’s former ruling party has defended President Bingu wa Mutharika ‘s  appointment of tribesmen and loyalists  in cabinet and other influential positions 

Mutharika, who died last month from a heart attack, was accused of nepotism during his time in office. This week the former ruling party -Democratic Progressive Party-defended the late President in parliament.

“In the Presidents speech much has been said about tribalism. This is
strange because the Bingu administration merely moved existing civil
servants into particular key strategic services depending upon their
educational and professional background and loyalty,” said leader for DPP in parliament George Chaponda.

He gave examples of the United States where   President John Kennedy  appointed his brother as Attorney General.

“We also hear of terms like filibustering in the USA which are used to
reflect similar dynamics of politics.   Even in the current administration, the appointments have included family members and certain favorites and none can blame her (President Joyce Banda),” said Chaponda.

During Mutharika’s tenure, some positions like secretary to treasury, director of public prosecutions, Inspector General of Police, were given to his tribesmen.