Malawi registering 50,000 new HIV infections yearly

Malawi is registering 50,000 new HIV infections annually, ministry of health officials have said.

This is despite the country doing so well in reducing AIDS related deaths and the prevalence rate from 12.2 percent to 10.6 percent in the last few years.

“We cannot go on business as usual. Leadership at all levels, from the
Village Chiefs, Teachers, Politicians at all levels, Members of
Parliament and even at Cabinet level we should all lead by undergoing
an HIV test,” said Khumbo Kachali, who is also Health Minister, said.

Kachali is also Vice President.

HIV/AIDS in Malawi has decimated a generation of the adult age group and orphaned millions of children in over two decades.

UNAIDS country Director Patrick Brenny said Malawi had registered
success in managing HIV and Aids in the areas of nutrition and social
cash transfer for the affected, prevention of mother to child
transmition and universal access to ARV.

“However other challenges such as dwindling resources and continued
infections need collective efforts that we do not stop gaining the
momentum against the epidemic,” he said.