Malawi minister Phoya apologises to Chewa chiefs

Lands Minister Henry Phoya has apologised to powerful chiefs for comments he made when justifying why he left Malawi Congress Party (MCP), largely supported by the Chewas.

Justin Malewezi, chairman of the Chewa Heritage Foundation, asked Phoya on behalf of the chiefs to apologise.

Phoya last Friday said he left MCP because he was told to go to Gule Wamkulu camp for initiation because only those who are initiated to Gule Wamkulu join the party.
Gule Wamukulu  is a big  masked Chewa dance  widely believed to be associated with magic.

“I didn’t say anything that could be construed to mean that I was insulting   the Chewa  culture. However, in the interest of well meaning Malawians especially those from the Chewa culture background who find my statement to be offensive then I unconditionally apologise,” Phoya said in a statement.
The Chewa people are widely believed to be the stronghold  of Malawi’s oldest political party — MCP.