Malawi completes transfer of power as new VP is sworn in

Kachali being sworn in as Vice President accompanied by his wife

Malawi Vice President sworn in Khumbo Kachali was sworn in as the country’s fourth Vice President at the State Lodge to complete a peaceful transition lauded by Western donors and ordinary people alike.

“This appointment I can only say is the greatest act of God..” said Kachali, who said President Banda had shown trust and confidence in him by offering him the second highest position in the land.

He pledged to serve country with loyalty and dedication within the dictates of the constitution. “This appointment is a clear manifestation of Her Excellency’s affirmation of equity in national appointments without regard to ones tribe, colour or regional consideration. Our country is at a critical point that we need participation of all,” said Kachali.

Leader of Opposition John Tembo, UDF leader in Parliament Ibrahim Matola and Chiefs such as Inkosi ya Makosi Mbelwa, Paramount Chief Lundu and Senior Chief Kaomba among others.

The VIP podium, which included Security Chiefs General Odillo Commander of the Malawi Defence Force, Inspector General Lot Dzonzi and former MDF Commander Marko Chiziko, Director General of National Intelligence Services were among the senior security officers that witnessed the ceremony Kachali arrived accompanied by his wife and family members.

He received a standing ovation, with songs in Tumbuka, Yao and Chichewa alternating until President Banda arrived at the stadium.

Malawi witnessed a peaceful transition of power after the sudden death of Mutharika, 78, who died after a heart attack last Thursday. The remains of the former president arrive on Saturday and he will be laid to rest her his Ndata farm on April 23.