Malawi’s DPP accuse city CEO of causing riots to embarrass President

A photographer runs away from the rioting in July last year

It has emerged that Malawi’s ruling party is angry with Lilongwe City Council Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Mmangisa because of his decision last week to remove vendors from the streets which sparked near riots in the capital

The army had to be called in to stop the rioting which could have easily spread to all parts of the city. Only 20 police officers were deployed to control the vendors but most of them ended up being beaten up by vendors.

Many in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) feel that Mmangisa is deliberately making the ruling party unpopular by some of his actions.

“He should know that people are so angry with us [government] and they are looking for any opportunity to go on the streets and therefore vendors are the last people to annoy right now,” said a senior DPP official.

Mmangisa was on Monday afternoon ordered out of a line to welcome President Bingu wa Mutharika at Kamuzu International Airport from South Africa where he went to attend the ANC celebrations.

“They pushed my driver and someone wanted to touch me I told them not to dare. They asked me to leave the airport and I left immediately. I reported to my seniors,” said Mmangisa.

Mmangisa said 15 of the DPP youth cadets followed him to his office at Civic Centre where they caused more commotion including banging of doors before security ordered them out.

DPP Regional Governor for the Centre Kalazi Mbewe said he had only heard the matter but he did not have details saying if it happened it was done outside party structures while Minister of Local Government Henry Mussa said he was hearing the matter from press inquires.