Is Phoya taking over from JZU?

Malawi’s main opposition leader and President of MCP John Tembo declined to be drawn into discussing whether he is now set to  resign to pave way for Henry Phoya who has joined the party

“Today is not my show, it’s Hon Phoya’s day and therefore I cannot answer that,” Tembo said when asked whether he will resign and handover to Phoya.

Phoya on his part said that he has joined the MCP as an ordinary member.

“At the moment that is not on my agenda.”

Phoya, a former Attorney General and minister of Justice, announced that he has joined the MCP because he believes MCP is the only party that exhibit the same passion that he has for Malawi.

“For some time now, Malawi’s political arena has been full of political experiments. These political experiments, usually in the form of new political parties, and untried and untested and inexperienced politicians, have been extremely costly to the well being of mother Malawi,” Phoya said.

“I did not want to be part of such experiments by forming a new political party, for Malawi is bleeding…and cannot afford the luxury of any further political experiments …,” he said.

Phoya also said that he is joining a party of his father. “My late father was a member of the national executive committee of MCP and therefore Iam just coming back to where I belong,” he said.

Phoya, expelled in July by DPP as director of legals affairs after he criticized the party last year, is tipped to take over from Tembo as MCP president before the next elections in 2014.