UDF suspends Young Muluzi

Two days after Atupele Muluzi announced his intentions to run for the party presidency, a quickly convened party politburo on Saturday suspended him and  accused him of acting unconstitutionally.

Atupele, 33, and son to the first multi-party president Bakili Muluzi, riding on the theme of change announced last week his intentions to contest for the party presidency in readiness for the 2014 parliamentary and presidential elections

His announcement has generated excitement amongst the youths in the country but the act of making his intentions public has riled senior members of the party’s excutive who feel the young Muluzi is overzealous.

“We have suspended him for refusing to obey summons of the UDF to appear before the disciplinary committee…we have suspended him for erecting parallel structures positioning himself for the presidency,” said UDF’s vice president Humphrey Mvula

A lawyer by profession, Atupele is seen by many as the only answer for the UDF leadership woes.

He is also been seen as a breath of fresh air for Malawian politics that has always been dominated independence era politicians

“It is refreshing to see a young face storming the country’s politics…for a long time Malawi has been under the hold of independence era politicians and other who have noting to offer…” said Charles Banda in Nation’s letters to the editor column.

Both leading papers screamed foul in their editorial comment on Sunday in reaction to the suspension of Atupele. Nation On Sunday said the UDF leadership has missed a golden chance while the Sunday Times comment described the UDF old guards as seasoned failures.