17 Malawians Arrested in Zambia with Fake Voter Cards

Some Malawians have been arrested in Zambia after they were found with fake Zambian national registration cards and voters cards on the eve of the Presidential elections.

Newspaper reports in Zambia said that the seventeen Malawians were caught in Nakonde district  and they confessed that they were hired by the ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD).

Zambians went to the polls yesterday[Tuesday] An opinion poll published a week ago suggested Banda held a narrow lead over Sata — nicknamed King Cobra on account of his vicious tongue — although a number of undecided meant an upset was still possible.

Patriotic Front (PF) leader Sata lost to Banda by just 35,000 votes, or two percent of the electorate, in a 2008 run-off. Banda appeared on state television on Sunday to announce that any troublemakers would be arrested.

However, a strong performance by the kwacha, Zambia’s currency, in the last week suggests few investors either inside or outside the country are worried about violence or prolonged post-election disputes disrupting the economy or government.