Lilongwe Family Dumps Corpse in Office in Protest

Mr Patel: Stuck with a dumped corpse in the background

With Malawi’s key donors freezing almost a billion dollars in aid, most companies in the aid dependent country  are failing to sustain their wage bills, let alone meet funeral costs. This has given rise to  incidences were mourners dump corpses in offices to protest against companies refusing to pay for funeral costs. Today (Tuesday) in the capital Lilongwe, mourners trooped to Shaheen Auto Company premises along Paul Kagame Highway carrying the remains of Morris Maulidi and dumped the corpse in the office of his former boss. “We are supposed to take the remains to Chiradzulu, his home district but this company where he worked for 16 years has refused to give us transport…they only gave us K25,000 which is not enough, that’s why we are doing this,” said Gimlet Kampira a nephew to the deceased. One of the managers only identified as Mr Patel allowed the corpse inside his office but refused to release a vehicle  saying that the company is not making enough money and can’t meet the family’s demands. But after more negotiations in the presence of police, Patel gave in and released a three-toner truck to transport the family and the remains to Chiradzulu – about 400 kilometres from Lilongwe.