JZU Faces Challenge for MCP top Post

Tembo: Challenged

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) secretary-general Chris Daza has come out to challenge John Tembo for the party’s presidency. Daza, regarded by many in the party as a political novice, announced in Lilongwe that he would challenge for the top post and seek nomination to lead MCP in the 2014 polls. “If I am elected as the party president then I will stand in 2014, that is if the convention or another convention endorses me as the presidential candidate,” he said. Sounding upbeat, Daza said that he didn’t see it as an impossible task to bring the MCP back into government. “Winning an election is team work and with a right team it is possible,” said Daza. No one knows when the MCP is expected to go to a national convention. But Daza, a pastor and businessman, was sure that the convention will take place when the 2014 polls draw nearer. Daza is a founding leader of El Dabar School of Prophets in Switzerland. He has lived in German and the USA for many years. In the 2004 elections, Daza was Gwanda Chakuamba’s right hand man.