Malawi police shot 58 people, killed 19

Fifty-eight unarmed civilians were shot by the Malawi police killing 19 others during the July 20 protests in Malawi, the Human Rights Commission (MHRC) said on Monday. The commission, a government rights body, blamed the ruling party [Democratic Progressive Party] and the state radio and Television of inciting the violence ahead of the demonstrations.
“The Government failure to correct or to be seen as earnestly attending to issues raised in the petition contributed to increasing levels of disgruntlement in the citizenry. The totality of this situation, the uncertainty and anger created by injunctions, absence of decisive leadership and a premature use of force by Police created a hostile atmosphere and spiked the violence that ensued,” the preliminary report by the Commission reads in part.
 Malawi Broadcasting Corporations’ deliberate propaganda to portray the demonstrations as a pro-Gay rights event, panga wielding ruling party cadets, contributed to anger and rising tensions.”The events July 20, the Police did not effectively perform their role. They even failed to meet the threshold set out in the Malawi Police Act as they disproportionately used firearms, contravened the provisions of the Act and other relevant provisions local and international human rights instruments,” the Commission said.
“Government to facilitate the conduct of impartial and credible investigations and prosecution of those found responsible for killing of people, looting and destruction of property. The President should rise above party politics and effectively address issues of national interest.”